Like what the large letters at the top of the page say I am Aidan Fleming. I'm currently a community college student getting my associates degree, but hope to attend a university and major in writing. I made this website so I could have a place to post my writing, but mostly i made it on a whim because my cousin told me i could pay for the URL for only Nine Dollars a year. Also I must be pretty vain because having my own website just seams cool.


         I've been meaning to put my writing on the Internet for a while, but have been putting it off for many reasons. Probably fifty fifty laziness and insecurity. Either way it will be good to get my writing "out there", as they say.


        I have an immense love for video games, which is what most if not all of my writing will be about. I've been playing games all my life. I play and enjoy a wide variety of games, from old school classics, indie darlings, and triple A Blockbusters. I plan to write about all of these on my blog.



For getting a hold of me normally my twitter is a pretty good place to do that.


Want to Get a hold of me for business things?

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